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Important tips for volunteer groups at DGV Do you and four more friends or colleagues wish to volunteer together abroad? DGV has been able to support group volunteering numerous groups of individuals desiring to volunteer abroad with impactful experiences altogether. These covers faculty organized study trips and members of a family travel. At DGV we uphold and ensure fully security and safety of our volunteers to give a conducive environment for our volunteers to enjoy their travel. Some of the groups that we have hosted at DGV include: • Student-led alternative spring trips • Faculty-led service learning trips • Medical and dental brigades • Corporate retreat programs • Family volunteering • language and cultural immersion tours

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Nursing Internships

Nursing Internships | Nurse/Pre-Nursing Volunteering Opportunities from $400 Destny Garden Voluntourism(DGV) is a Social Service and Community Based project as well as a social entrepreneurial program based in Kenya that arranges nursing placements with the country. Volunteer programs are open to undergrads, graduate students, residents and practitioners, and serve a twofold purpose. • Number 1, you will have the opportunity to participate in humanitarian aid services, not only uplifting the lives of people locally who have inability accessing healthcare, but as well attain valuable exposure to nursing experiences in developing nations and communities. • Number 2, our programs are mostly culture sensitive – for example, you can opt to stay with a local family as your host and you’ll get free time during the weekend to walk around – you will get the opportunity to visit a new country, a region where you might never have imagined to travel in lifetime. • Volunteers will be supervised by committed local healthcare professionals found in the regional hospitals and community clinics, which are understaffed and desperately seek support and help. Our Approach

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Family Volunteering

Do and your family plan to travel this year and with a purpose? DGV give families interested in traveling abroad an opportunity to explore the world together and at the same time participate in the humanitarian relief programs. At Destiny Garden Voluntourism, we host siblings, couples, partners and families with children from 10 years and older. Which places Can my family and I volunteer abroad safely and at an affordable cost? DGV will arrange for a stress-free holiday for you and your entire family under our family volunteer programs in Africa specifically Kenya and Rwanda. Examples of the family volunteer programs to engage in include: • Education programs in Mombasa Kenya • Education programs in Kigali Rwanda • Childcare support in Mombasa Kenya • Language immersion in Mombasa Kenya

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Volunteer in Africa with top rated and trusted Africa’s non-profit volunteer organization

Volunteer in Africa with top rated and trusted Africa’s non-profit volunteer organization

Welcome to Destiny Garden Voluntourism. We are a Social Service and Community Based project as well as a Volunteer travel organization based in Africa(Kenya) specializing in impactful volunteer in Africa Programs
Are you in search of a family volunteer program, Gap year or simply looking for a fantastic life fulfilling travel abroad experience? If yes, then DGV is the right platform for you and you can trust us to give you the exact experience you desire if not beyond…….

    Best Volunteer In Africa Programs Volunteer in Kenya And Rwanda DGV

    Volunteer In Kenya

    Teaching Volunteer In Kenya

    The schools in Kenya focuse on education, sport, and counseling, but as a volunteer, you could be involved in these or a range of tasks depending on the requirements of the children at the time. You may help the staff in teaching, play with the children or help at mealtimes.
    You do not have to be a trained teacher to help. Many skills could be of benefit to the running of the schools.

    Volunteer In Kenya

    Sports Coaching Kenya

    Kids, especially in the schools in Mombasa like playing a lot and even some aspire to be professionals in some of the sports they love such as soccer. Helping to coach them during play will give them lots of encouragement.• Assisting in sports activities such as football, rounders, and volleyball is a valuable way of spending time with the kids during your volunteer sessions

    Volunteer In Rwanda

    Volunteer With The Women Project In Rwanda

    Participating in this program as a volunteer will see you provide information to poor women in the local communities on financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills teaching, and researching viable solutions at their disposal to eradicate poverty. Other viable skills you will teach the women within the local communities are life skills training, assist in starting income contributing program aimed at providing sustainable approaches to the daily issues that burden them.

    Volunteer In Kenya

    Volunteer In A Hospital In Kenya

    The hospitals where DGV will refer you to volunteer are often understaffed and needs extra hands on the deck, and this is where you come. Bring your expertise to care and treat ailing patients in the hospitals with Kenya and Rwanda to Practice and build your skills. Among the activities you will be engaged during the period include recording the patients’ medical history, giving vaccines, HIV testing, offering checkups and checking Vital.

    Destiny Garden Voluntourism is a non- profit community based organization fully registered and specializes in international placement of volunteers into impactful project across the East African region

    DGV has a legal commitment to ensuring that the volunteer programs that you engage in provide transformative impact in Africa (Kenya and Rwanda). Choosing DGV as you volunteer program provider, you can be confident that your time investment and funds will contribute to honest projects and change the lives of many across the African continent. Are you a practicing medical health practitioner, a teacher or an artist or just a passionate traveler looking forward to making a change in the world you travel? ….. DGV volunteer programmes will give precisely that at a fee as little as $285.

    Regina, from Germany, 2 times volunteer at DGV

    “Hello, my name is Regina Schack and I’m 23 years old. My first time in Kenya was in 2010. I lived with Jacob and his family and with some other volunteers. We had a lot of fun together, enjoyed ourselves and got to know a lot about Mombasa and Kenya. I went to the DGS School every day. On some days I had a class on my own and I taught them maths, English or I played or sang with them. On the others days I supported a teacher with correcting exams or exercises. It was great to see how they work and teach in Kenya. Also to be together with the children was so amazing. Even though they are very poor, they laugh, sing and dance. They seem to be happy and this was the fact that really impressed me. They also appreciate everything you do with them.

    I really fell in love with the country. That’s why I came back this year (2012) with my boyfriend Bernd. We did fundraising at home and so we were able to sponsor a kitchen for the school. It was a very important fact because the old kitchen was very smoky and there were already health problems because of the kitchen, which the Kenyan Health Authorities had pointed out.

    I was so happy because the children didn’t forget me, they still know my name. With the donation we also bought mangos, biscuits and orange juice for the kids. It was one of the great moments in life by giving them the food. They laughed and were just happy.

    Next year, we will come back again; Kenya and the children touched our lives!”

    Faaris Ali, UK
    Medical expert

    Faaris from the UK worked at both a Medical Centre and at Destiny Garden School from 10 July to 16 August 2010.

    He says – “My 5 weeks of volunteering at Destiny Gardens School was undoubtedly the most amazing experience of my entire life.”

    “The children are full of life and love your company. I was fortunate enough to play football and other games with them on a daily basis. I also offered to teach a few lessons, where i was amazed to witness how hard working and committed the children are, especially at such a young age.”

    “The staff at the school are fantastic. They’re all fully committed to giving their all for the sake of the children and always make you feel right at home, come rain or shine.”

    “Destiny Gardens School is most definitely going places fast. In the short time i was there, a brand new library and clinic were built. Now the kids are able to broaden their horizons, through the books that have been donated and more importantly, they can stay healthy through proper medical treatment, allowing them to excel in their studies.”

    “Aside from Volunteering, there’s plenty to do in Mombasa. Whether its spending time on beautiful beaches, or a historic trip to old town, one thing’s for sure – you’ll never have a boring day! Overall, my experience in Kenya is one I will never forget. I loved every single minute of it and can’t wait to go back and do it all over again! “

    Alexander Tacke-Koester – Germany

    Alex from Germany is reading African Studies at University and, during his summer 2009 holidays, is doing voluntary work at Destiny Garden School to learn more about the African culture and to practice his Swahili.

    Alex says – “I was lucky to find Destiny Garden School which answered my needs, namely being a small organisation with a vision and with the will to do something and with their focus on children in a very poor region of Mombasa.

    Due to staff shortages, on my third day I had to take a class and unfortunately was rather unprepared but in the end the children made it very easy for me because they appreciated everything one does so much. It has been a really truly great experience for me.”

    Alana and her friends Vanessa and Meredith
    User Designation

    We had a fantastic time getting to volunteer and learn more about the school and were warmly received by the directors and everyone at the school. I was impressed with all Jacob(school director) has put into the creation of Destiny Garden School and how huge a difference this is making for so many children. I was so touched by the love, care, authenticity, intention, and creation of this school benefiting so many children in an impoverished area, and how talented each teacher is in what they have to offer their students. Words are not enough to describe how grateful I am for my time with Destiny Garden School, the impact the experience has had on me, and my desire to stay connected with DGS”

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      Who Can Volunteer With DGV?

      This program is suitable for students, gap year programs, and people taking sabbaticals, a career change or in retirement. You will work with a professional Aid and Development organization. You will be part of DGV’s team the moment you arrive at the airport.
      Volunteers come from all walks of life, young and old, with the energy, skills, and desire to work in an exceptional community service project away from home.

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