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Director, Liaison and Public Relations

Jacob Boaz Muoga

Jacob holds a Bachelor degree in Commerce from Bundelkhand University, a Masters in Financial Services degree from Annamalai University-India, and a certificate in Security Derivatives and Markets Indexes from Pondicherry state, India. He serves as the Executive Director and founder of Destiny Garden Education Centre in Mombasa. A children care center supporting more than 500 children, mostly from a needy background, access quality education through sponsorship in primary, secondary and college education. He is also an Educator with Gerson Lerman Group Company- GLG is the world’s leading platform connecting business to insight. He is the County director/coordinator for a nonprofit  Abroader View, a USA volunteer organization-Kenyan chapter. Being a strong visionary person. He is a member of the Global Leadership Interlink a sector in Congress WBN. Jacob also holds a Diploma on Good Fish handling and processing practices, Sampling, and analysis; Guidelines for compliance with European Regulations and Inspection of Establishments and Evaluation. The workshop was organized by Makiber, South Africa, Dragados Industrial, ANFACO CECOPESCA, Spain, and BLUE Economy Spain in collaboration with the Fisheries Department of Kenya. On the social front, He is a mentor of men and youths and is very passionate for education of youth, holding their hands to see them achieve their full potential in life. Jacob lives in Mombasa, Kenya with his wife and 2 children.

Director, Administration Services

Brenda Jacob

Brenda is an experienced Administrator, having worked diligently within the Corporate business world for over 15 years. She holds a degree in Economics and a Certificate in Conflict Management among others. She is currently serving as the Director-Administration Services in DGV. Alongside her current family business engagements, she is also a co-director of Destiny Garden Education Center. She has 9 years of experience in hosting international and local volunteers.

Director, Financial Services

Grace Awuor

Grace Awuor is an experienced Banker and programme manager, holds a Diploma in business management and administration, a certificate in Community Development and Education. She has worked with a community organization for over 10 years that is iIkisinko rural Sacco as a branch manager, it is a financial institution in Maasai land with the purpose of empowering the maasai community. Grace has worked as a programme coordinator between the local community and SNV, VSO jitolee, JIKA, and the  Ministry of industrialization Kenya. She is one of the founders of Ilkisonko Rural Sacco. She is currently working as a director Shunny Foods and Zawadi honey products, a program meant to empower and secure livelihood in the dry areas in the country. At DGV Grace serves as the Director- Financial Services.
Director, ICT and Communications

Maureen Mulombi

Maureen is a meticulous project manager, web developer, facilitator, and writer through training and experience working with communities, NGO’s and learning institutions on issues of social empowerment, education, the youth and mentoring. Have strong skills in program management, evaluation, and formulation. Graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Educational Psychology and a postgraduate diploma in project management. Has great performance and experience in the field of social change implementations, leadership and youth empowerment to contribute towards positive life transformations. She has worked in the past as students dean, regional manager, and project manager at Vision Institute of Business Studies, Kenya Institute of Studies in Criminal Justice and Hatua Network respectively. At DGV she’s the director, ICT Services.

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