Volunteering directly with Destiny Garden Voluntourism cuts out the often large administration fees charged by volunteering organizations, whose overheads are high. The program is directed and managed by Maureen, Brenda, Grace ,and Jacob who are qualified and experienced Project Coordinators and managers. During your stay in the program, Destiny Garden Voluntourism team will ensure that your stay is comfortable, safe and that you will have the most rewarding experience volunteering.

Working in Mombasa and Kigali will give you the opportunity to experience Kenya and Rwanda, two of the most scenic countries in Africa – and you can take weekend breaks to visit one of the spectacular Game Reserves or just relax on one of the many beaches and hills.


Volunteer as a health expert in Mtongwe clinic and bring back the lost smiles of the patients.

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Bring your energies and enthusiasm to the young kids at Destiny school by volunteering to be one of their tutors.

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Come and volunteer as a nurse at Utange clinic to build your experiences to the next level while impacting the local community.

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Bring hope to the victims of drug and substance abuse by volunteering to work with the MEWA rehabilitation center and be part of their recuperating journey.

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Do you love working with animals? Here is the opportunity to contribute to an animal orphanage in Mombasa

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Enjoy coaching young kids by volunteering with a children Center in Mombasa

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Volunteer Information

Who can volunteer?

This program is suitable for students, gap year programs, and people taking sabbaticals, a career change or in retirement. You will work with a professional Aid and Development organization. You will be part of DGV’s team the moment you arrive at the airport.

Volunteers come from all walks of life, young and old, with the energy, skills, and desire to work in a very special community service project away from home.

Volunteering with us will give opportunities to volunteer at local charitable Schools, local clinics, hospitals and health centers in Mombasa, Kenya and Kigali in Rwanda as this will help to meet the health and educational needs of needy communities including orphaned children aged 2½ to 17 years in the East African Community.

Below are suggestions and some of the activities you will engage in during the period if you  choose to volunteer with local schools under DGV:

      • Assisting teachers in teaching all subjects and particularly English, maths, and spelling.
      • Marking exam papers
      • Assisting in sports activities. Children love playing sports including football, rounders, and volleyball.
      • Helping with looking after the schools small farming plot which is just outside of the school compound.
      • Helping with any building work that is being done when you are here or doing any ‘odd jobs’ around the school
      • The children love to see new people at their school and they learn a lot from volunteers. It doesn’t matter if you have never taught before, just giving praise and encouraging the children while they work makes a huge difference.
      • The children love to sing and dance and you may be able to teach them new songs and/or dance routines
      • All classes also have a ‘creative arts’ lessons which you may wish to help with.
      • At DGV we welcome any other ideas you may have which will be an inspirational new learning experience for the children.

As a volunteer, all you need is a positive and caring attitude and commitment to being willing to contribute where you can.  Do this and you will be providing great benefits to the local needy communities and will contribute to the better future.

How long will may volunteering or placement take?

Volunteers can be short or long-term, it’s really up to you. Your placement may be for 1 or 2 weeks or months or even longer. All volunteers whether short or long term will benefit from volunteering at DGV selected places and even in one week can have a significant impact on the children and staff at the CHARITABLE SCHOOL and local Health Centres. You will be supported and guided in every way possible. In an emergency, you will not be alone. We will be there to assist you


Where will you stay?

You will stay in the volunteer house provided for by the organization coordinator and mostly live with these families which is only few minutes from the schools and not far from the projects. You will have breakfast and evening dinner at home of the directors from Monday to Friday and lunch at the school. At the weekend, all meals will be at home. We can also cater for any special dietary requirements. There is WIFI at home, but this is limited; there are however a number of internet cafés in town. Bedrooms may be shared depending on the number of guests.

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