DGV-KIYO Solid Waste Management Project

Solid waste is a major environmental and public health concern in many urban areas of developing countries like Kenya. Mombasa is one urban area like many urban struggling with increasing waste generation and the resultant negative impact on the environment and human health. Sustainable solid waste management (SWM) is a critical panacea to the challenge of solid waste generation, but has elusive in Mombasa due to lack of adequate funding and skilled personnel besides poor public attitude towards waste management.


Destiny Garden Voluntuorism, in partnership with Kishoka Youth Organization plans to launch a Solid Waste Management Project in Mombasa as a sustainable solution to the current and unabated challenge of solid waste generation. The solid waste management project strives for maximum waste recovery through composting, recycling, recovery and reuse, and aims at zero waste to be disposed into dump-yards and landfills. The long-term objective is thus to reduce the environmental degradation caused by solid waste.


The project aims at empowering women, from socially and eco­nomically disadvantaged groups, individuals, and peo­ple living with disabilities, by offering them continuous employment. In order to make long-term, sustainable changes, people at the grassroots level must feel ownership of and commitment to all of the project interventions.

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