DGV Mission Statement

Destiny Garden Voluntourism mission is to create rewarding volunteer opportunities for people around the globe for the purpose of empowering and transforming livelihoods

Our Goals

Our goals are to provide reliable means for international volunteers to build meaningful experience by doing what they are passionate about, help the needy communities where they create impact and positive livelihood transformation.


We believe that it is through individual experiences that volunteers all over the world get to learn and appreciate the different culture around the world even in their own professionals. Knowing that you created a positive impact in the life of someone else is a very fulfilling experience.

DGV Impact

We have hosted more than 300 international volunteers in our projects at education's center and health facilities. Construction of a multimillion Education Centre founded through volunteer contribution, Introduction of Fish farming project, Purchases of Land intended for Future International Volunteer Hostels. Sponsorship project which has taken students to University locally and to several centers of academic excellence, Job Creation and Sustainable Development

Introduced a push for a Rehabilitation Centre on temporary Access to the Regional Hospital by the drug addicts and abolished the arrest of drug users instead of treating them as victims that required psychological assistant by co-working with former NACADA chair Dr.Frank in 2011.

Several children from low-income families have accessed quality education to Secondary and Tertiary level for Impact and empowerment through education

Networked with International reputed business people and professionals like Dr.Eric Roy George(hand surgeon) of USA and realtor Guy Tolhurst (intelligence partnership) of UK on building Children Centre, Feeding program to 500 children and Digital Library with the help of Space Firm and the UK household Architectural firm Allies and Morisson-London.
Jackie Price, Allies & Morrison Architectures, Judy Roper and Sarah Ehler have immensely contributed in partnership of what we are today.

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