Volunteering- The joy of giving

What would make young people travel so many miles away from the comfort of their homes to a strange land, to leave and work among strange people? The drastic change of food, clothing, language barrier, none of these can make them change their minds.

What drives an elderly person to gather up a fraction of his or her life savings to journey tirelessly to a strange land? Once they arrive at their destination they quickly roll up their sleeves and work hard, tirelessly, the weather conditions notwithstanding.

Come to think of it. What would make a couple in Africa, give their all to see children from poor families get a chance at school, open their house to volunteers, cook delicious meals for them, particularly the spicy fish prepared by Jacob together with the mouthwatering chapatis by Brenda!

At the very Core of Destiny Garden Voluntourism (DGV) is a heart to serve people and to secure future generations. For many years Jacob and I have been honored to provide an enabling environment for needy children in the sub-county of Likoni to attend school at Destiny Garden Education Center.

In doing this many selfless hearts and ready hands were involved including volunteers from various parts of the world. They came trickling in. Some staying with us, while others (few) made other arrangements. The school grew and so did our hearts. We have seen several of our former pupils complete their primary education and begin their dream of attending high school, college and University life. This gives us so much joy and fulfillment.  It is the motivating force behind the DGV team.

This is the ink in the pen of every volunteer. The desire to offer what we have to others with limited access to resources. The inner push to give until what we dream of is actualized in the life of a child. The joy of giving that is not dependent on the applause of men, yes, not everyone will look back and say “thank you”.

Here at DGV we partner with like-minded people and institutions to provide an accelerated process for the less fortunate in society to achieve their dreams through sharing of life skills, offering access to medical care, formal education, and so on.

Come join us if this resonates with you!

Let’s secure our future together.

By Brenda Jacob

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