Why Should I Volunteer With DGV

The word ‘JITOLEE’ as we would call it in our  language here means volunteering. It means giving your life for others. We are all human beings but not gifted the same. From where you are you might think everybody has an opportunity to access everything as you do, or even the other way round, you might think what you have is nothing and cannot be of any use to anyone.
It is not possible to understand this unless you give it a try.
l once thought the same but after giving myself a chance to do so l realized it can work.

Coming from a humble background l thought l had nothing to offer.
Despite all these challenges l decided to arise and give what l believed was in my heart to make a difference in another person’s life by volunteering in my small community. I gave what l had, and after doing this for like five years, l realized it was not only working for them but also for me. My life changed, my perception about life also changed. l appreciated what is in me and l become more confident. Needless to say, my self-esteem was built up a great deal. People’s lives in my local home community were also transformed. Many, especially women and girl child, changed their views about life, received knowledge that they didn’t have, adopted new ways of doing business and were empowered.

It is after this experience that l decided to join hands with my colleagues Mr and Mrs Jacob Boaz and Maureen Mulombi whom we felt we had one thing in common – that heart to serve and secure the livelihood of others. 

We decided to create an opportunity for others around the world who would like to offer not only through their Career but also that heart to change and make a difference in somebody’s life. That which you don’t value very much there is always somebody who is just waiting for it to get to the next level in life.

DGV has already created an environment for you to offer what you have, by creating placement in health centers, schools, animal orphanage, physically and mentally disabled people centers etc., within Kenya and Rwanda for you to offer your services.

We are looking forward to receive you anytime from now, we have prepared a good homely environment and our charges are affordable since our focus is not so much on making money but to SERVE AND SECURE somebody’s future.

Thank you.

Grace A


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